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31 Oct 2023

7:00AM-15:00PM (UTC)

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Claim Any Common Land, Anywhere In The World

Join us for a spooktacularly good time! In celebration of our journey alongside our loyal FYN holders, who have been with Affyn throughout our NEXUS world-building adventure, we are thrilled to announce this exclusive Global Edition Launch, specially curated for a group of Affynians. Find out if you are eligible here.

All you have to do is
claim as many Common Lands as you can and stand a chance to win a prize in our raffle because one Land minted will give you one chance in the raffle. What’s more - just for this special launch we have a
dynamic prize pool that scales based on the total number of Common Lands claimed by everyone, so the more you claim the better the prizes get! There are 3 Early Access Passes, 6 Flags (2 per winner) and 3 sets of Affyn merchandise up for grabs! Go on and spread the word!

Eligibility Criteria

Log into Affyn Marketplace account and head to NEXUS World Viewer to check your eligibility:

Wix_Spooktacular Flagstival Checklist_ed

*Hold minimum of 10,000 FYN on your Metamask wallet binded to the Affyn marketplace,

from 31 Oct 2023 - 30 Nov 2023 for your Common Land(s) to be minted

How You Can Claim!

This global edition launch spans across the world, as such the procedure for claiming land will have minor differences compared to past NEXUS World Land Launches.

17 Oct - 31 Oct

STEP 1: Eligibility Check

Ensure your eligibility for this Global Edition Launch.

31 Oct


STEP 2: Reserve Your Land 

Select and reserve your preferred Common Land on NEXUS World Viewer on 31 Oct 2023, 7:00-15:00 (UTC).

1 Nov - 13 Nov


STEP 3: Affyn Processing Period

Sit tight and wait until the Affyn Team manually processes your reserved Common Land(s) based on these guidelines*, taking up to 10 working days. An email will be sent to you if your Land is ‘Declined’.

14 Nov


STEP 4: Check Your Status

The status of each Common Land in your 'Reservation History' on NEXUS World Viewer will reflect as 'To Be Minted' or ‘Declined’

30 Nov


STEP 5: View Your Land!

All Common Lands will be minted by 30 Nov 2023, 12:00 (UTC). View them in your Affyn marketplace inventory and on Opensea!

Claim More To Unlock Spooky Prize Tiers!

Featuring a dynamic prize pool for this unique global edition launch. As more Common Lands are claimed collectively and minted on November 30, 2023, additional prizes will be unlocked!

*Final number of Common Lands minted by 30 Nov 2023, will determine the final prize tier unlocked

Wix_Spooktacular Flagstival_Prize_edited

Spooky Land Processing Guidelines

  • Each Common Land reserved will be processed by Affyn to ensure that the Land does not fall in these areas:

    1. Restricted territory

    2. Water

    3. Restricted military areas

    4. Airport runways

    5. Train depots

  • Reserved Common Lands that fall in these areas will be declined,  and reflected in your ‘Reservation History’ on World Viewer.

  • Users whose Common Land requests are 'Declined' will receive an email from Affyn with instructions on their next steps.

*As of 22 February 2024, restrictions to Military Areas, Airport Runways and Train Depots no longer apply.

  • Is MATIC required to reserve a Common Land during Spooktacular Flagstival?
    MATIC is not required to reserve a Common Land during Spooktacular Flagstival, as no transactions take place until the Land is minted. Minting will be executed by Affyn, hence all gas fees will be fully covered by Affyn.
  • Am I still able to claim Common Lands in countries or cities sold out in previous NEXUS World City Launches?
    Yes, you will be able to claim ANY Common Land, ANYWHERE in the World, even in sold out countries/cities, as long as it follows our spooky land processing guidelines.

Spooky FAQs

Spooky Terms & Conditions

  • All users who participate in Spooktacular Flagstival’s Common Land Reservation Period 1 from 31 October 2023, at 7:00 - 15:00PM (UTC) and Common Land Reservation Period 2 (only eligible for wallet addresses with ‘Declined’ Common Lands) from 15 November 2023, at 7:00-15:00PM (UTC) will qualify for this giveaway. The giveaway will conclude on November 30, 2023, at 12:00 PM (UTC), or earlier, when all Common Lands have been minted.

  • Affyn reserves the right to make the final decision on the total number of Common Lands minted during this special wave.

  • All users are required to hold at least 10,000 FYN in their Metamask wallet binded to their Affyn Marketplace account, from 31 October 2023 till 30 November 2023 for their respective Common Land(s) to be minted.

  • Only users who meet the Eligibility Criteria stated above will qualify. If not, they will be disqualified without prior notification.

  • Each Common Land claimed will be processed by Affyn to ensure that the Land does not fall in any of the areas mentioned in point 1 of the Land Processing Guidelines.

    • Any Common Lands can be declined with reasons: ‘Water Tile’, Restricted Land’, or ‘User cancellation’ and will be reflected under ‘Reservation History’ in NEXUS World Viewer.

  • Each user will automatically qualify for the giveaway after every successful Common Land is minted and credited into each user account on 30 November 2023, 12:00 PM (UTC).

  • Every successfully claimed Common Land will grant the user one entry into the giveaway, regardless of their wallet address.

  • A standard raffle will be conducted among all participating cell IDs, and the final number of winners of the giveaway will be determined by the final number of Common Lands minted by 30 November 2023, 12:00 PM (UTC).

  • All winners will be chosen and announced via Affyn's official YouTube account on 8 December 2023, at 12:00 PM (UTC). A winner announcement video will subsequently be posted on Affyn's official social media accounts. A notification email will be sent to all winners’ registered email addresses on their Affyn marketplace account.

  • The total prize given out in each Scenario will comprise of:

    • Scenario 1: ≥ 300 and <1000 Common Lands claimed

      • 3 Affyn Merchandise Set

    • Scenario 2: ≥ 1000 and <2000 Common Lands claimed

      • 3 Affyn Merchandise Set, and 3 winners gets 2 Flags each

    • Scenario 3: ≥ 2000 Common Lands claimed

      • 3 Affyn Merchandise Set, and 3 winners gets 2 Flags each, 3 Early Access Passes

  • Affyn reserves the right to make the final decision on the prizes given out for this giveaway.

  • All users are entitled to win one prize only.

  • Winners are to acknowledge their receipt of the prize within 7 days of receiving the winner email from the Affyn team.

  • In the event that any winner does not acknowledge their winner's email within 7 days, another winner will be redrawn through a standard raffle and will receive a winner email from Affyn.

  • Upon acknowledging the receipt of the prize, all prizes will be distributed within 14 business days.

  • Acceptance of any prize shall imply consent on the winner's part to allow Affyn to use the winner's name, photo, image, voice, and/or likeness for editorial, advertising, promotional, marketing, and/or other purposes, without further compensation, except where prohibited by law.

    • If a winner does not claim the prize within 7 days of receiving the email, the prize will be forfeited. A new winner will be chosen through a subsequent draw.

  • Affyn reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the selection of the winner.

  • Affyn reserves the final right to amend the terms and conditions.

  • By entering the contest, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the aforementioned terms and conditions.

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